Amethyst House is still requiring AA attendance in violation of State and Federal Law

A reader posted the recent comment:

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I've been dealing with this for 9 months now and this is my first DUI with no history of alcohol or other abuse. Initially I went to my screening and was told that it's not pre determined that I'll need an evaluation which costs $200. So I filled out the first form. The second form was all about my financal status and standing. After filling that out the woman took it out back to enter the info and gave me the third form. When she came back out she said I would be required to do an evaluation. I kept my mouth shut, but seriously? I haven't even done the screening questionaire, only the general info and financial paperwork. A week later I did my evaluation and was given 9 weeks of after care and 6 self help sessions to go to AA. I completed the weekend course, my 9 after care sessions, my 6 AA meetings and I'm still waiting on Amethyst to send the paperwork to the DMV. I've called a few times and they Ssay that I've got to wait 3 more months, each time I call they say this. The Court initialaly said 9 month loss of license with eligibility to get it back after 90 days and the completion of the program. Now I have another hearing with the dept of safety to see if I need a breathalizer installed in my vehicle when I get my license back because amethyst turned my paperwork over to them. This is my first DUI!!!! and I have a clean record.
This foundation is awful to deal with and whatever you do don't get upset with them or you will end up with anger management classes as well. Just ask the 2 guys in my weekend course.
Oh and AA??? Absolutely a religious organization. I went to 6 meetings. 4 dealt entirely with peoples discussions with god.
So, despite the NH legislature expressly forbidding AA attendance in a recently enacted law, Amethyst continues to force people to go to AA and partake in religious activity.

I broke the law.  Fine me, imprison me, take my license away--just don't force your religion on me.

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