WMUR Story on Amethyst's Abuses?

A reader posted the following on Forced Worship:

"i have had it with this foundation i have contacted the tv station wmur and i want to talk to everyone who has or had problems with these people, not on the computer where they can see im dead serious on taking them to court a robert kelly and kim think they are god, i despise these so called people who think they can run our lives and call us alcholics when they never even met me or spoke to me people please contact asap at 423 453 0102 asap leave message if i dont answer ill get back to u after work i need to hear fron you soon as the tv station wants to get on this soon thanks debbie"

I'd love to talk to reporters at WMUR!  Also, I invite everyone willing to speak out against Amethyst to join.  They have been abusing their authority for too long!

Now is your chance to do something.  Seize the moment.

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  1. I'm going to call Debbie in the morning! Hopefully I'm not too late and will still have an opportunity to aid in the destruction of this terrible organization!